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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


19 hb disember are my first day to work at aiz & services as technician. .
it's feel awkward when the place that u work that there is no one u ever known.
but actually it's fine for me cause before this i already felt this situation when i work on graphic design co.
well. . on my department it's just only me and kak an. .
she's my senior. . she thought me all about computer. .
really impressed me cause she women lorh. . so i hope i can surpass her after this. . hahaha i hope. .
well honestly i really want to learn about computer. .
that ma dream to success and insert all of that learning to ma ambition. . hahahaa. .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

napew gurlz mkin rmai likes clubing????

aq tgk kat facebook mutual friends pling rmai dok g club smue nye ppuan.. hahaha...
aq pown ta pham...
agak2 best kew dok club????
ceciter skit...
sesiape yg kaki club uh cecoment at sni...
share wit us..
tell me about syok nye g selivate, 9mm, level4, cabanna(chinesse), dolce, modesto's, paradise, n mcm2 lg arh...
tujuan untuk hangout at sner for what???
perbincgan nieh terbuke pd gurls only.. coz persoalannye npew gurls bnyak likes.. hehehe
soorryyyy guyz...:P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

aqak ku skunk nie dimasukkan ke wad ICU...
disebabkan bleeding selepas bersalin...
dokam la die n anak die selamat n sihat...

tringat pd gule2...

gule2 amat manis..
tpi lao da mkan ia akan larut...
rse cam nk jew gule2 tue adew lg...
tpi... tkowt biler adew lg gule2 tue..
gule2 tue cam syg jew nk di mkan..
tkowt ilang lg gule2 tue...
ape yg patot aq wat...
haishh... kusut tol..
npew la leyh jdik cmnieh...
aq x bermksud wat die sakit..
tpi.. aq bkan lelaki yg perfect..
aq xnk die rse yg aq x nak layan die..
yelah. .  aq bkan lelaki yg time kerja boleh diganggu. . 
lebih bgus die bersedie n dapat laki lbeyh better dri aq..
aq nk die eppy..
sbb tue aq x nk die kmbli..
aq nk die berubah sndri..
maap ape yg telah aq lakukan..
biar kebencian 2 adew pd dri die kat aq..
aq xnk die serbasalah kt aq..