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Thursday, November 29, 2012


well esok die dah pergi perak. .
adew teater. .
i hope u'll take care of ur self and arrive there safely. .
and i wish u get the first place for ur teater. .
siti mariam binti salim. .
u're a the great women i had ever met. .
u're the most beautiful women i had ever seen. .
u're the perfect one and the only one who have the characteristics that i dream off. .
i have the key in my palms right now. .
but i need the right time to open ur heart. .
well. .  i just need u to know that. .
i will be ur side everytime that u need it. .
i will encourage u. . support u. .
cause i know that u needed that right now. .
i miss u since the first time i met u. .
ur smile. .
ur straight face. .  hehehee. .
and the most thing. .
ur fear face. . (bila sye nyakat awak pasal.....) hehehe
i will do whatever it takes to make u smile, make u close to me,
make u cry wif me, happy wif me, and make u confort wif me. .
for u siti mariam binti salim. .
this diary of my life. .
i will tell u. .
in this world. .
chance is not easy to get. .
and because of that. .
i'am awake, i will never let this chance go away. .
even it will take us for a long period. .
i'll dare to take that chance. .
and lastly. .
do ur best on ur competition. .  ok. .

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