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Sunday, November 25, 2012

first date. .

arinih first date aq dgan die. .
well. . getting well. .
even just 3 hours. .
but still i'am happy. .
she's seem giving a good respond to me. .
evendoe kulit aq nieh jauh giler beza.  .
but td die gtao jgn pkir sal kulit. .
well i know her. .
she will said that to me. .
i'am glad to heard that. .
and also. .
she were gorgeous. .
well i said about my skin colour right. .
figure it by ur self .
she's seem perfect to me. .
well. .
aq nieh kuat berceloteh. .
n what a suprise . .
die layan. .
well pertame kali perempuan suke berceloteh cam aq. .
hahaha. .
n also die sudi cerite tntg dri die pd aq..
aq appreciate sgat dgan layanan die. .
seem that die pown ikhlas berkwan ngan aq . .
so i text to her after i've arrive. .
hehehee. .

" doing nthing
but im try to be n make u cmfort wif me
ya xwt pape pn
alhamdlillah ya pn sng dgn care adie..
so we try de best la"

i will do my best for being with u. .
hurmmmm. . .
second date nnt. .
aq ingat nak bg suprise kat die. . .
hehehe. . korang agak2. .
ape kejutan aq. . hhehehe
k la. . sni saje celoteh aq arinih. .
hope korang support aq keyh. .
:-) bye2. .

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